Brewery Series
Model Fleet Focus
The Brewery Series was conceived to provide the Exclusive First Editions collector with a selection of highly detailed authentic models in liveries of the countries most well recognised breweries. As ever, each model is an authentic replica capturing the golden age of brewery transport with the aid of detailed scale loads and fittings. Making a superb display, there really is no finer range.
Atkinson Tanker - MITCHELL'S & BUTLERS
13202 Atkinson Tanker MITCHELL'S & BUTLERS
"It's Marvellous Beer" claims the slogan of the Birmingham based brewery and we would have to say it appears on a marvellous model! XAM 19, fleet number 430 use the famous M & B logo to good effect, complete with chrome fittings and access ladder.
Atkinson tanker - Mackeson
13203 Atkinson Tanker MACKESON
The black and grey colours associated with this famous stout are seen here in vehicle form on this imposing Atkinson Tanker 163ALM, fleet number AT170, benefits from details such as weight and capacity on its chassis sides, as well as a fuel tank gauge.
Brains Bedford TK
24101 Bedford TK BRAINS
An example of how attractive brewery vehicles can be and the effort that goes into their design can be seen here in the form of the Bedford TK of S.A. Brain & Co. Ltd. This famous Welsh brewer ran YWO983T from the late 'seventies delivering barrels and crates to various inns as represented by the load in this model. Complete with nudge bar and headboard, detail once again is of the highest order.
Bedford TK Whitbread
23401 Bedford TK Flatbed WHITBREAD
Of course, any range of brewery vehicles would not be complete without a Whitbread vehicle and this Bedford TK fills the role admirably. PTP180J, fleet nurnber B2763 carries a load of scale crates and pressurised barrels on its rear. The headboard proudly displays the Whitbread name while the royal crest sits proudly on the doors.
Guinness Ergo
24501 Leyland Ergo 4XL Box Van GUINNESS.
The famous Guinnness name graces our first. Ergomatic truck in the popular Brewery Series. This malt carrier, complete with ladder detail, is also the first Irish vehicle featured by Exclusive First Editions. TZI205 fleet number 479 will be, as with all Brewery Series vehicles, of a limited quantity. Be sure to place your order as soon as possible.
Federation Ergo Flat
21604 Ergo 2 Axle Flatbed FEDERATION BREWERY
The stunning detail which is now achieved on Exclusive First Editions models is graphically illustrated here, the barrel load and retaining chains proving our commitment to accurate and authentic models. This AEC Mercury, RVF50F, fleet number 25, yet again proved the Brewery Series to be the "Collector's Choice".
24102 Bedford TK Dropside GREENE KING
24102 Bedford TK Dropside GREENE KING.
An attractive vehicle yet again emphasising the desirability of the Brewery Series. LTM524G, fleet number 5, complete with nudge bar and roof board, carries a scale load of beer barrels and crates.
24103 Bedford TK Dropside WATNEYS
24103 Bedford TK Dropside WATNEYS
A spendid addition to our brewery series is the Bedford TK in the livery of Watneys London. Registration number XYM136T this dropside is carrying aluminium beer kegs loaded with London bitter, as displayed on the advertising boards, a new feature on this model.
22604 AEC Mandator Artic Flatbed TRUMANS
22604 AEC Mandator Artic Flatbed TRUMANS
This articulated AEC Mandator makes an extremely collectable addition to our Brewery Range. Trumans Brewery used this vehicle to carry various loads between the brewery and the processing and bottling plants. Fleet number T4, registered FFP 998G is carrying barrels plus a load covered with a tarpaulin.