Barton Robin Hood
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Corgi Original Omnibus Company
OM41702 Leyland RTW Double Deck Bus
1035 (KXW 441) on route 15 to Ilkeston. Former London Transport RTW341. The model has "New Service to Bristol" on the radiator.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
RELEASED October 2006
OM40305 Barton Leyland Royal Tiger Burlingham Seagull Coach
OM40305 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland Royal Tiger Burlingham Seagull.
924 (MNN409) on route 9 to Skegness.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
RELEASED March 2005
OM42411 AEC Reliance Plaxton Panorama Coach
OM42411 BARTON TRANSPORT AEC Reliance Plaxton Panorama Coach.
1100 (LVO100E) on tour.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
RELEASED September 2005
Barton Optare Delta
42911 BARTON TRANSPORT Optare Delta.
307 (J307BVO) on route 2 to Oakham.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Barton Dennis Dart Plaxton
44705 BARTON TRANSPORT Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton.
946 (T946BNN) on route 18 to Ilkeston via Beeston.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
RELEASED April 2000
The famous colours of Barton in a special Gift Set compromising a Grenadier and an RTL. Grenadier Fleet number 979 is on route 9 to Nottingham and carries the Robin Hood emblem on its sides and Barton's telephone number on the rear doors. This attractive RTL, fleet number 1086, is on route 15 to Ilkestone. Like its partner it carries the Barton name on its sides in the form of a pennant.

RELEASED August 1992
BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland TD1 Closed Stairs
27313 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland TD1 Closed Stairs.
The attractive colours of Barton Transport look splendid on this model, celebrating the Centenary of the company. This Leyland TD1, new to the company in 1930 was numbered 502 (EK8109) and it is seen working a service to Plungar.

RELEASED July 2008
Barton Bedford SB Duple Vega
18706 BARTON TRANSPORT Bedford SB Duple Vega.
Depicted on excursion duties, 988 is typical of the vehicles run by Barton in the 'sixties. A popular model the Barton livery complements the styling of the SB particularly well.

RELEASED July 1995 and re-released as 18706DL 899 (MTL366) on route to Skegness in March 1998
Barton Leyland Tiger TS8
18303 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland Tiger TS8.
This old vehicle has slightly different details in the livery. This example shows the raised aluminium styling used and is on route 26 to Nottingham.

RELEASED April 1995
Barton Bedford OB Duple
In the distinctive Barton red and wearing the earlier style fleet name, 528 (JNN573), is depicted on a trip to Devon and Cornwall.

RELEASED September 1996
Barton Leyland Leopard Plaxton Panorama Elite
15708 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland Leopard Plaxton Panorama Elite.
Although this vehicle depicts Barton's move to a more modern era, it still retains the traditional Barton colours. Fleet number 1232, is on coach route 2 to Oakham.

RELEASED January 1994
Barton Bedford TK Flatbed
21901 BARTON TRANSPORT Bedford TK Flatbed.
A departure from the usual bus and coach fleet, this Bedford TK was one of many vehicles in Barton's haulage fleet. Given the fleet number 73 (527KRR) displays the telephone number on the front of its detailed cab.

RELEASED July 1996
Barton Buses Leyland National.
E17210 BARTON BUSES Leyland National MKI .
The popularity of the Barton fleet continues with the company now being part of the prestigious Trent fleet. Registered WGY587S fleet number 480 is on route 14 to Ruddington and features Barton branding in the front windscreen and Trent legal wording.

RELEASED February 2000
Barton Renault S56 Reeve Burgess Beaver
25901 BARTON TRANSPORT Renault S56 Reeve Burgess Beaver .
The livery on this minibus is of interest because the Barton livered Beaver was actually owned by Nottingham City Transport, and also features the driver entrance door on the offside, 16 (F116JTO) is on route 12 to Nottingham Broadmarsh.

RELEASED September 1996
Barton Leyland PD1 Highbridge.
15911 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland Titan PD1 Highbridge.
The attractive Barton livery is displayed very effectively on Leyland Titan PD1 877 (DJF344) working route 12 to Nottingham. The model carries adverts for the Guardian Journal and Home Ales.

RELEASED August 2002
Barton AEC Renown Park Royal
30706 BARTON TRANSPORT AEC Renown Park Royal.
One of a pair of AEC Renowns operated by Barton Transport in their excellent livery, 1115 (211JUS) works route 52 to Kirk Hallam and carries adverts for their express service to Skegness.

RELEASED February 2007
Barton AEC Renown Park Royal
30713 BARTON TRANSPORT AEC Renown Park Royal.
1116 (212JUS) on route 119 to Melton Mobray

30706 RE-RELEASED February 2014
Barton AEC Reliance Harrington Grenadier.
12308 BARTON TRANSPORT AEC Reliance Harrington Grenadier.
Barton Transport were well known for their fondness of Harrington vehicles and the Grenadier looks particularly fine in their livery, 1005 (BVO5C) operates long distance route 24 to Nottingham.

RELEASED October 2010
AEC Mercury Articulated Flatbed Truck 71 (626KNN).

RELEASED November 2008
Barton Leyland Titan PD2 lowbridge.
16013 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland Titan PD2 lowbridge.
Leyland Titan PD1 lowbridge doubledeck Bus 943 (FWT184) on route 7A to Calverton.

RELEASED October 2012
Barton Leyland Tiger PS1 Duple
26807 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland Tiger PS1 Duple.
482 (HAL656) as coach 7 to Wales.

Image courtesy of Stephen Hayes
RELEASED October 2011
Barton Leyland Olympian ECW.
29626 BARTON Leyland Olympian ECW.
Trent bus in Barton commemorative livery.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
RELEASED August 2011
Barton Leyland Titan 7RT Park Royal
36007 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland Titan 7RT Park Royal.
1089 (OLD790) on route 18 to Chilwell.

BARTON Morris J2 minibus
76JM016 BARTON TRANSPORT Morris J2 minibus .
826 (467DDR) on a Works Service.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
RELEASED January 2009
BARTON AEC Reliance Weymann Fanfare
76JWFA004 BARTON TRANSPORT AEC Reliance Weymann Fanfare.
929 (SNN609) with blind set to Private.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
RELEASED April 2016
Barton Transport Leyland Titan PD2/12
76PD2007 BARTON TRANSPORT Leyland Titan PD2/12.
732 (RAL334) on route 7A to Calverton.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
RELEASED February 2019