Classic Tinplate     Miller Car
In the 1920's the Racing World was taken over by the Miller Cars. After achieving continued success and dominating the American race circuits they came to Europe and enjoyed the same success on European race tracks.
Miller Car The design of the Miller Car body, with its sleek boat shaped rear, fired the imagination of the European designers who were quick to copy the idea. The design of the engine and transmission was just as revolutionary. The power was taken from the front of the engine, like an aircraft, and passed through the gearbox and differentia/ units and then via half shafts and constant velocity joints to power the front wheels.
In our working scale model we have captured all of these design innovations and powered the car with a large clockwork motor. This beautiful 1:8 scale model measures 19 inches long and is built from pressed steel and cast metal, and weighs 3.2 kilograms. The model features working leaf spring independent suspension, working steering and the authentic drive transmission from the clockwork motor to the front wheels.
Miller Car The models are available in a choice of five racing colours, black, white, red, green, and yellow and each Miller Car comes complete with a driving figure constructed with moveable head and arms so that the driver can be posed in a suitable action position.

The Miller Car is priced at (GBP) £199.99 + £10.00 (P&P). Orders should be sent with full payment to Gilbow (Holdings) Ltd at the address below.
Miller Car

Gilbow (Holdings) Limited, 32 Woodall Road, Enfield. EN3 4LG