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Corgi Original Omnibus Company
Stevensons Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer
42804 STEVENSONS Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer.
790 (L300SBS) on route 14 to Stretton.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued October 1997
Stevensons MCW Metrobus
OM45101 STEVENSONS MCW Metrobus.
79 (GBU10V) on route 14 to Town Centre.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued April 2001
Stevensons Leyland Titan PD2 RTL.
11110 STEVENSONS Leyland Titan PD2 London RTL.
29 (KGU216) on route to Uttoxeter via Tutbury.
Also issued as 11110A in error as an AEC RT with registration KCU216 and as 11110DL as 6 (LYF65) on route to Anslow.

Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued March 1996 & January 1998
Stevensons AEC Routemaster Park Royal
32103 STEVENSONS AEC Routemaster Park Royal.
The former Northern General RMF Routemaster suited Stevensons of Uttoxeter very well. This colourful liveried vehicle 52 (RCN699) is operating an express service to Blackpool.

Issued June 2008
Stevensons Leyland Atlantean MCW.
16514 STEVENSONS Leyland Atlantean MCW.
On route to Uttoxeter via Tutbury, 27 (219BTP) displays adverts for Marstons Low "C" Beer.

Issued August 1995
Stevensons Leyland Atlantean MCW.
16514DL STEVENSONS Leyland Atlantean MCW.
The unique yellow and black livery of Stevenson's is featured again in the EFE De-Luxe series on the Leyland Atlantean, 14 (204BTP) on route to Burton via Tutbury. Carrying new adverts for Marston's Ales and Midshires Building Society.

Issued March 1998
Stevensons Bedford SB Duple Vega
18707 STEVENSONS Bedford SB Duple Vega.
Issued September 1995
Stevensons Guy Vixen Special ECW.
30511 STEVENSONS Guy Vixen Special ECW.
Former London Guy GS71 (MXX371) is en route to Burton via Scropton.

Issued May 2010