Tyne & Wear
Model Fleet Focus
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Tyneside PTE MCW Metropolitan.
N6203 TYNESIDE PTE MCW Metropolitan.
740 (LBB740P) on route 33 to Fenham.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
November 2003 release
Tyne & Wear Transport MCW Metropolitan.
N6206 TYNE & WEAR TRANSPORT MCW Metropolitan.
680 (JVK680P) on route 20 to Wallsend via Shields Road.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
February 2004 release
Corgi Original Omnibus Company
Tyne & Wear PTE Daimler CVG6
TYNE & WEAR Daimler CVG6 Roe.
OM462413A 329 (FCU829) on route 30 to Cleadon.
OM41413B 329 (FCU829) on route 11 to Marsden.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
September 2012 release
Tyne & Wear Leyland Leopard Alexander Y.
37901 TYNE & WEAR Leyland Leopard Alexander Y-type.
1838 (GNL838N) on route 77 to Darras Hall.
March 2012 release