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Gilbow (Holdings) Limited are proud to present for the first time a model without wheels, the Titanic.

Fortunately as this is not a limited edition as with EFE models, more will be available from your local stockists in February
TITANIC arial view This model has been carefully produced to recreate the luxury and splendour of this magnificent ship. With pride and confidence in this huge liner it was unthinkable that it might come to such a tragic end. Built for the White Star Line, as the largest ship in the world it was designed with watertight bulkheads and was claimed to be unsinkable. Titanic was also a statement of luxury for the Trans Atlantic traveller, and capable of transporting the Worlds wealthiest and most demanding people.

On the night of the 14 April 1912 on her maiden voyage the worlds largest luxury liner, Titanic, struck an iceburg in the North Atlantic. In the early hours of the 15 April Titanic tragically sank beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic, to become the most famous ship in the world.

This superb model has been meticulously designed and decorated to capture the splendour and spirit of this beautiful ship. Our 1:1750 scale mode) of the Titanic is approximately 6"long and features a high level of detail to the deck and superstructure, including cranes, masts, rigging, deck air ventilators, lifeboats and derricks. It also features full hull detail including stabilisers, rudder and propellers, and is mounted on a stand. The model is presented on a plinth and is protected by a clear plastic cover.

This model will be available mid December from your local stockist at a recommended retail price of £12.99. An early order for this model is recommended.


Titanic - port side