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Belleville Transit

Belleville Transit
Belleville Transit Bus Station
Belleville is a small city in east Ontario with a fleet of just 14 buses. Those seen on a July 2009 visit were all NovaBus LFS models, three of which can be seen in the surprisingly large bus station in the city centre.
Belleville Transit NovaBus LFS 0761
NovaBus 0761 is seen in the Bus Station heading for Parkdale Mall.
Belleville Transit NovaBus LFS 0863
Passing the Bus Station on the main road is NovaBus 0863.
Belleville Transit NovaBus LFS 0660
Swinging across the junction outside the Bus Station is 0660.
Belleville Transit NovaBus LFS 0862
Seen with the City Hall behind is bus 0862, quite how numbers as high as 862 are reached in a fleet of 14 buses is a bit of a mystery, or indeed how those seen ranged from 660 to 863!
Belleville Transit