Watsons Greys
Watson's Greys Albion Nimbus Reading 1309
Competition to Guernsey Motors & Guernsey Railway was very limited in the sixties and fell to Watson's Greys. The black and white photo shows their colour scheme very well! They had one route up the Grange, the 11, which competed with Guernsey Motors more frequent services. In later years the company sold out to the major operator. Their vehicles were noticeably different, as this Albion Nimbus shows, the bodywork is believed to be Readings, but to a more conventional style than the Motors or Railway models.
Watson's Greys Albion Victor PH115 1559
A more venerable model was this 1936 Albion Victor PH115 with Reading 32 seat body, oddly fitted with a Morris CVF grille, also on the 11, with an Albion Victor loading alongside in the Bus Station for Pleinmont.
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