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Wrights bodied singledeckers & Ipswich Excel
WA B10M/Premier
HUM401 Leeds Regent Entry 277
A line up of Wright bodied singledeckers & the P&R Excel of Ipswich
Sponsor Wallace Arnold sent one of their latest coaches
Traction Group
Preserved United Counties
Leyland Titans were represented by Kimes and recently retired Oxford examples
The Yorkshire Traction Group supported the rally in force with all major operators represented
A collection of preserved United Counties buses
Tillingbourne D10M/East Lancs
Blue Bus Services RELL
S333HEB Scania/East Lancs of Fowlers won the trophy for the best S-reg vehicle
A surprise late entry in more ways than one, Tillingbourne's first decker an East Lancs/Volvo B10M
The Blue Bus subsidiary of Stagecoach in Newcastle kept operating its RELLs for sometime - not surprising when one sees the state of this one
Stagecoach London Olympian
A line up of Stagecoach deckers
Seamarks Volvo B6LE/Wright
Contrasting with the line of white deckers is Stagecoach East London's latest NCME Olympian
A line up of Stagecoach deckers
A brand new Volvo B6LE/Wright for Luton operator Seamarks
A line up of Stagecoach buses
Low Spectras
SPD Darts
A Stagecoach mix - any colour you like as long as its white!
No less than 3 low floor Optare Spectras including the rival 'firsts' from TWM and A-Bus
A brand new SPD Dart/Plaxton for Thamesdown plus the demonstrator currently with Harris Bus
Royal Blue, E National & Northampton
An impressive line up of some of the Routemasters at Showbus 98
An interesting mix of First heritage vehicles, a Royal Blue MW coach 1436, Eastern National's award winning Lodekka 2849 and Northamptons CVG6/Roe 267
Arriva Olympians from Kent and Fox County and one form MTL Merseyside
Showbus Nationals
London Traveller
A variety of Leyland National Mk1s with Trent & Chase buses nearest the camera
Latest deliveries to Metroline include dual door Darts and Alexander bodied Olympians
London Traveller's Dennis Arrow/East Lancs Pyoneer
New Huntingdon Wright bodied Volvo B10LE
First Reds!
Home James' Marshall bodied Iveco - alongside North Rider's - won the best minibus prize
New Huntingdon & District Wright bodied Volvo B10LE
You could be forgiven for thinking FirstGroups new corporate livery was red & yellow! Vehicle here from London, Bristol & Sheffield fleets
FirstBus buses
Trent Rainbow Excel
Proud of their success at Showbus 97, Expressline's vehicles proclaim their Premier Operator title!
A diverse gathering of First Group corporate liveried vehicles
A new colourful purple livery for Trent's Rainbow route Excels - a Reading Excel 'Low-Rider' is alongside
Cambridge Olympian
Corporate Darts
Showbus coaches
Cambridge Coach Services has recently launched a doubledeck express coach service from its home town to Lowestoft with a fleet of Northern Counties bodied Olympians
In the Dennis display were 3 Dart SLFs, a Plaxton example in First colours, an Alexander one in Stagecoach colurs and a Wright model for Arriva - there's standardisation for you!
A mixture of coaches, nearest the camera an Ikarus Volvo of the recently liberated Countryliner of Guildford
Arriva Lynx
Arriva London Dart
Former Barton vehicles, including the 3rd in line, in service with Wish You Were Here
Nothing new in Arriva's corporate colours as the preserved Teeside Daimler behind this corporate Lynx shows!
Perhaps the corporate livery modified for London on this Dart is preferable to the turquoise?
Primeline TWM Merc & BCT Metrobus
The newly delivered Arrow could be in the same fleet as the Dominator, but they represent First Capital and First Mainline respectively
Strathtay Scottish brought this East Lancs low height Olympian down from Dundee to join the Traction Group display
New TWM Mercedes is in Prime Line livery for the quality partnership route operated jointly with Stagecoach Midland Red, alongside is a Metrobus maintained in Birmingham City Transport colours
A closer look at R1NEG, TWM 1, the low floor Spectra
NUR659 is not quite what it seems, it purports to be a Burlingham bodied Guy Arab, but in fct the preservationist, John Brenson married the body and chassis
Before takeover by Stagecoach, Cambus had developed a liking for locally produced Marshall bodies on Volvo B6 chassis, L543MFL is now liveried for the City Rail Link service.
JRX823 & OKO816G
Thames Valley KSW JRX823 alongside ex Maidstone & District 2816 (OKO816G)
Winner of the best preserved Dennis at Showbus is newly restored former Motor Show exhibit, Middlesborough NCME bodied Loline 99
Early Lincolnshire Road Car Burlingham bodied Leyland Tiger FW5698
EX6566 & Leicester buses
Bury Corporation 187, an East Lancs bodied PD2
Yarmouth 66, preserved by Hedingham Omnibuses alongside Leicester Titan FJF193 and Renown DBC190C
DMS136 arrived a little late to take part in the unveiling ceremony of EFE's latest casting of the DMS. It is seen here with a Merlin, Routemaster, RT and RF. Only the Merlin is not yet available as an EFE model!
First Reds!
E32RVV of United Counties is an ex military Wadham Stringer bodied Dodge acquired for driver training. The other ex MoD vehicle at Showbus was E737WOK a Plaxton bodied Tiger of sponsors Red Rose
Sandwiched between Thamesway's 2000th Dart ever built and a First Midland Red Merc is the real VR, BlueBus 31 on which EFE's Showbus promotional model was based

And here is the 2000 model
This Leyland National 2 belongs to Supreme of Hadleigh and was entered by the PSV Circle
Northampton Northern Coach Builders bodied Daimler CVG6 made a welcome return to Showbus
Eastern National's open top KSW WNO481 took pride of place in the First display and the prize for Best Fifties doubledecker