Bedford is the commercial vehicle arm of General Motors in the UK. It ceased building full sized chassis in 1987 as coach operators turned to heavyweight makes.
Safeways Bedford OB
Lodges Bedford SBG
Swanmore Travel Club Bedford SB
Safeways Bedford OB/Duple
Lodges Bedford SBG/Duple
Swanmore Travel Club Bedford SB/Duple ex Thames Valley/South Midland
OK Motor Services Bedford VAS
South Midland Bedford VAM
Grey-Green Bedford VAL14
OK Motor Services Bedford VAS/Duple. In later years for VAS was redesignated the PJK.
South Midland Bedford VAM/Duple
Grey-Green Bedford VAL14/Duple
United Counties Bedford YRQ
National Travel South East Bedford YRT
Bedford CFL350
United Counties Bedford YRQ/Willowbrook
National Travel South East Bedford YRT/Willowbrook
Bedford CFL350/Plaxton
Guernsey Motors Bedford J2SZ10
Blanch's Bedford YLQ
Red Rover Bedford YMT
Guernsey Motors Bedford J2/Reading
Blanch's Bedford YLQ/Custom
Red Rover Bedford YMT/Plaxton
Smiths Coaches Bedford YMQS
Bedford YNT Plaxton Paramount Marshalls
White Bus Service Bedford YNV
Smiths Coaches Bedford YMQS/Caetano, a shortened version of the YMQ shassis
Bedford YNT Plaxton Paramount for Marshalls
Bedford YNV Plaxton Paramount for White Bus Service
Maidstone Bedford JJL
Maidstone Bedford JJL/Marshall