MCI is a North American coach bodybuilder based at Schaumburg, Illinois. The company supplied Greyhound with most of its coaches over many years being largely owned at the time by Greyhound Canada. MCI stands for Motor Coach Industries and manufacturing takes place either side of the US-Canadian border in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Pembina, North Dakota. There was also a plant at Roswell, New Mexico trading as Transportation Manufacturing Corporation (TMC). MCI built buses for a few years having acquired the Classic and RTS designs from General Motors. The latter was built Roswell as a TMC. Both bus designs were sold on to Canadian company Novabus in the early nineties. MCI is now a subsidiary of New Flyer Industries.
MCI Courier for Greyhound
MCI MC-5 Greyhound
MCI MC-6 Greyhound
The Courier was the postwar model. This one is preserved at the Greyhound museum in Hibbing, Minnesota
MCI MC-5 for Greyhound Saudi Arabia
MCI MC-6 for Greyhound
MCI MC-7 Greyhound
MCI MC-8 Pioneer Australia
MCI MC-9 Greyhound
MCI MC-7 for Greyhound
MCI MC-8 for Pioneer, Australia
MCI MC-9 for Greyhound
MCI MC-12 Greyhound
MCI A series Go Transit
MCI B series
The MCI MC-12 model was built only for Greyhound
MCI A series for Go Transit, Torono, Canada
The MCI B series. The design was virtually identical to the C-series, but with ribbed metal lower panels as on the A-series
MCI C series Greyhound Canada
MCI 102D3 Greyhound
MCI D4005 Skyline Coach
MCI C series for Greyhound Canada
MCI 102D3 for Greyhound evolved into the ubiquitous D-series
MCI D4000 series for Skyline Coach
MCI D4500CT series GRTC Richmond
MCI D4520 accessible series
MCI E4500 series Coach Canada
MCI D4500CT series for GRTC, Richmond
MCI D4520 accessible series
MCI E4500 Renaissance series for Coach Canada
MCI F3500 series Golden Touch New York
MCI G4500 Greyhound
MCI J4500 Coach USA Lenzner
MCI F3500 series for Golden Touch, New York. Last 35-foot buses produced by MCI
MCI G4500 for Greyhound
MCI J4500 for Coach USA contractor Lenzner
MCI TC40 Classic Coast Mountains Bus
MCI TC60 Classic Metro Transit Halifax
MCI TC40 Classic with Coast Mountains Bus, Vancouver
MCI TC60 Classic of Metro Transit, Halifax. Only nine such buses were built
MCI/TMC RTS with Metro LA
MCI produced models in the MC-1 to MC-4 series in the late fifties to early sixties. At this point we have no available pictures. There were no models designated with the letters H & I.