Massey was a bodybuilder based at Pemberton near Wigan. Its products were therefore popular, particularly with municipal operators, in north west England. The vast majority of their output was doubledecked. The company was taken over by Northern Counties Motor and Engineering Company in 1967.
Massey Leyland Tiger Cub JMT
Massey Leyland Panther Exeter Corporation
Massey Leyland Titans Maidstone Corporation
Massey bodied Leyland Tiger Cub for JMT in the Channel Islands
Massey bodied Leyland Panther for Exeter Corporation
Massey highbridge bodied Leyland Titans for Maidstone Corporation
Massey Guy Arab IV Eastern National
Massey Leyland Titan Wigan Corporation
Massey Leyland Atlantean Stevensons
Massey Johannesburg fronted lowbridge bodied Guy Arab IV for Eastern National
Massey bodied forward entrance Leyland Titan PD2/37 for Wigan Corporation
Massey bodied Leyland Atlantean with Stevensons of Uttoxeter ex Maidstone