Neoplan was a German coach and bus builder established around a century ago by the Auwaerter family. Many designs incorporate the letter A in their stylish and futuristic bodies. The company was sold to MAN around the turn of the century. At one time an American manufacturing facility was established to build Metroliner and Transliner buses.
Neoplan Hamburg Will Reisen
Neoplan Spaceliner Cairo
Neoplan Skyliner
Neoplan Hamburg ND for Will Reisen
Egyptian Neoplan Spaceliner in Cairo
An early Neoplan Skyliner from Konrad Auwaerter's collection
Neoplan Megaliner Spaceport Florida
Neoplan Jumbocuiser Lotto-King
Neoplan Megashuttle
Neoplan Megaliners at Spaceport Florida
Neoplan Jumbocuiser of Lotto-King, Germany
Neoplan Megashuttle doubledeck bus
Neoplan Centroliner New World First Bus
Neoplan Airliner Stuttgart Airport
Neoplan Electroliner trolleybus
Neoplan Centroliner for New World First Bus, Hong Kong
Neoplan Airliner for Stuttgart Airport.
Neoplan Electroliner trolleybus
Neoplan Tourliner Skills
Neoplan Tropicliner
Neoplan Trendliner
Neoplan Tourliner for Skills
Neoplan Tropicliner bus
Neoplan Trendliner
Neoplan Euroliner Ellisons
Neoplan Cityliner Ellisons
Neoplan Starliner Motts Platinum
Neoplan Euroliner for Ellisons of Swindon
Neoplan Cityliner Ellisons of Merseyside
Neoplan Starliner Motts Platinum
Neoplan N8000 prototype
Neoplan Transliner AN440 Los Angeles RTD
Neoplan Transliner AN460 Pittsburg Port Authority
Neoplan N8000 prototype
Neoplan US Transliner AN440 for Los Angeles RTD, shorter versions were designated AN430 and AN435
Neoplan US Transliner AN460 Pittsburg Port Authority
Neoplan Transliner AN460RC New Jersey Transit
Neoplan Transliner AN440LF MBTA
Neoplan Transliner AN460LF MBTA
Neoplan Transliner AN460LF for MBTA, Boston
Neoplan US Transliner AN460RC for New Jersey Transit only operator of the model
Neoplan US Transliner AN440LF for MBTA, Boston, the AN440TLF and AN445TLF are completely low floor models
Neoplan Metroliner Pittsburg Port Authority
Neoplan Skopje
Neoplan US Metroliner for the Pittsburg Port Authority
Neoplan in Skopje