Optare is a relative newcomer to the market. The Leeds (UK) based manufacturer was formed from the Roe bodyworks of the former British Leyland empire and initially built products to Leyland design and acquired the rights to MCW products, before gaining a reputation for stylish, trend setting designs. The company has had a checkered pattern of ownership, initially joining an ill-fated Dutch group involving DAF, being taken over by East Lancs who renamed themselves Optare the company is now owned by Tata, the Indian based owners of Ashok Leyland. The company is very forward looking in future proofing designs for different energy sources.
Optare minibus
Optare midibus of Motts Travel Yellow Bus
Optare Leyland Olympian Cambus
Optare early minibus
Optare midibus on Dennis Domino
Optare Leyland Olympian for Cambus to the original Leyland/Roe design
Optare City Pacer Bebb
Optare Delta for Northumbria
Optare MetroRider Red Rose
Optare City Pacer for Bebb of Llantwit Fardre based on VW LT55
Optare Delta for Northumbria on DAF SB220
Optare MetroRider for Red Rose
Optare StarRider Red Rose
Reading Buses Optare Spectra
Optare Spectra IETT Istanbul
Optare StarRider of Red Rose on Mercedes O811D
Reading Buses Optare Spectra on DAF DB250
Low height Optare Spectra for IETT Istanbul on DAF DB250
Optare Spectra Bullocks
Optare Prisma Mercedes O405N First Leicester
Optare Sigma Dennis Lance Brighton & Hove
Low floor Optare Spectra for Bullocks on DAF DB250LF
Optare Prisma on Mercedes O405N for First Leicester
Optare Sigma on Dennis Lance for Brighton & Hove
Optare Vecta MAN Seamarks
Optare Solo Miami-Dade Transit
Optare Solo gas power Stagecoach Lincolnshire
Optare Vecta on MAN for Seamarks of Luton
Optare Solo for Miami-Dade Transit
Gas powered Optare Solo for Stagecoach Lincolnshire
Optare Solo hybrid UNO
Optare Versa Arriva the Shires
Optare Solo SR APH
Hybrid drive Optare Solo for UNO pink services
Optare Versa for Arriva the Shires
Optare Solo SR for APH, Gatwick
Optare Tempo of Carousel
Optare OmniDekka on Scania Nottingham
Optare Olympus on Alexander Dennis Enviro400 Go-Ahead London
Optare Tempo of Carousel
An East Lancs designed Optare OmniDekka on Scania for City of Nottingham
East Lancs designed Optare Olympus on Alexander Dennis Enviro400 for Go-Ahead London
Optare Visionaire Volvo B9TL Big Bus
Optare Alero LCB Travel
Optare Toro Mercedes Johnsons
East Lancs designed Optare Visionaire on Volvo B9TL for Big Bus, London
Optare Alero of LCB Travel
Optare Toro on Mercedes for Johnsons of
Optare Soroco Mercedes Easybus
Optare Bonito Iveco Carbridge
Optare Tempo SR Trent Barton
Optare Soroco on Mercedes for Easybus
Optare Bonito on Iveco for Carbridge
Optare Tempo SR for Trent Barton
Optare MetroCity Tranzurban
Optare MetroCity EV London United RATP
Optare Metrodecker demonstrator
Optare MetroCity for TraNZit
Optare MetroCity EV for London United RATP
Optare MetroDecker demonstrator
Optare Metrodeck EV Metroline
Optare MetroDecker EV for Metroline