SHOWBUSflyby 2020

The 2019 brochure is A5 in size with over 150 colour pictures has articles on Transit Systems, Greener buses, the National Bus Company and part three of our series on the Enviro. Over 200 entries are listed in the 36 page brochure.
To obtain a copy of the brochure by post send a cheque payable to Thomas Crockett to the value of £5 together with your name and address to Thomas Crockett, SHOWBUS brochures at
6 Wooburn Grange, WOOBURN GREEN. HP10 0QU

The 2020 brochure is available to download free of charge at here.

The list below is the definitive list of entrants. Either they have been photgrpahed or seen on the web, in some cases on YouTube
Present - photo available
Almost certainly not present in red
Definitely not present in black
Display NoEntered byReg No DateChassis Type Body Operator/LiveryFleet No
B1000 The Vintage Red Bus Co CUV335C 1965 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 72 R London Transport RML2335
B1005 Peter Cartwright JJD440D 1966 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 72 R London Transport RML2440
B1010 Go-Ahead London LF20XLA 2020 BYD DD electric ADL H 67 D Go-Ahead London Ee1
B1011 Go-Ahead London LTZ1060 2013 Wrights New Routemaster Wrights H 62 T London General LT60
B1012 Go-Ahead London CUV318C 1965 AEC Routemaster Park Royal O 72 R London General RML2318
B1017 Reece Lerica LV52HKL 2002 Transbus Dart Transbus B 31 D Stagecoach London 34359
B1025 Peter Cartwright NLE673 1953 AEC Regal IV Metro Cammell B 39 F London Transport RF673
B1028 Metroline LTZ1762 2016 Wrights New Routemaster Wrights H 62 T Metroline LT762
B1030 Metroline LJ19CVX 2020 BYD DD electric ADL H 67 D Metroline BDE2647
B1032 Chalfont Coaches WF68FEJ 2018 VDL Futura 2 VDL C 57 F Chalfont Coaches  
B1034 Peter Rodger HLX462 1948 AEC Regal III Mann Egerton B 31 F London Transport T792
B1038 Steve Virgo M118UWY 1995 Volvo B10M Plaxton C 50 F Wallace Arnold
B1042 David Paskell WLT848 1961 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 64 R London Transport RML848
B1046 Camden Coach Club 900SAF 1963 AEC Reliance Harrington C 43 F Camden Coaches
B1050 John Bedford PNM757M 1974 Bedford YRQ Plaxton C 45 F Ouse Valley Coaches
B1054 Jimmy Comfort DSL540 1961 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 64 R London Transport RM1033
B1056 Mick Cook CFN104 1947 Leyland Tiger PS1 Park Royal C 32 R East Kent  
B1058 Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust DBL154 1945 Bristol K6A ECW L 55 R Thames Valley 446
B1102 Paul Webb P306VWR 1997 Volvo B10M Van Hool C 53 F Shearings 306
B1106 Edward Hewitt LGV994 1958 Bedford SB3 Duple C 31 F Premier Coaches  
B1110 Mick Ward LHY994 1949 Bristol L5G ECW B 20 R Bristol 2447
B1110 1106 Society SFJ106R 1977 Bristol VRTSL3 ECW H 74 F Cornish Busways 1106
B1118 Mike Pack HLP10C 1965 AEC Reliance Harrington C 47 F Premier Travel 247
B1122 Martin James JJD412D 1966 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 72 R London Transport RML2412
B1130 Xelabus G15SSP ADL Enviro200MMC ADL B 41 F Southampton Science Park 442
B1134 Xelabus TBA ADL Enviro200 ADL B F Xelabus  
B1138 Xelabus J8XEL 2005 Scania Omnidekka East Lancs H 90 F Xelabus 553
B1146 Mr F Charles VLT254 1960 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 64 R London Transport RM254
B1232 RM613 Owners WLT613 1959 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 64 R London Transport RM613
B1256 White Bus YY69TLX 2019 ADL Enviro200MMC ADL B 41 F White Bus 65
B1337 Andrew Morgan 368CLT 1962 AEC Routemaster Park Royal B 16 R London Transport RM1368
S1 Peter Cartwright MXX313 1953 Guy Vixen Special ECW B 26 F London Transport GS13
S2 Mr D Castleman JC9735 1949 Guy Wolf Barnard C 21 F Thomsons Tours
S3 Philip White FEL751D 1966 Bristol MW6G ECW C 39 F Hants & Dorset 904
W1000 Daniel Money F604MSL 1988 Leyland Olympian Alexander H 87 F ex Hampshire Bus 204
W1004 Hair Advice Centre KP02PVU 2002 Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton B 30 D Abellio 8481
W1008 Michael Webster GJF301N 1974 Scania Metropolitan MCW H 73 F Leicester City 301
W1012 Messrs Ross & Winter LYF377 1951 AEC Regal IV Metro-Cammell C 37 F Green Line RF26
W1016 Jonathan Radley OAX9F 1968 Bristol RELH6L ECW C 47 F Red & White RC.968
W1018 Gareth Wells A17CPX 1998 Setra S250 Setra C 48 F Coachpoint
W1020 National Express W Midlands SN66WCW 2016 ADL Enviro400MMC ADL H 73 F National Express W Midlands 6795
W1023 Oliver Wise UEL564J 1970 Bristol RELL6G ECW DP 53 F Hants & Dorset 1644
W1027 Malcolm Exelby HWY36 1949 Leyland Titan PD2 Leyland L 53 R Todmorden JOC 18
W1031 Ian Davies GRF709V 1980 Bristol VRTSL3 ECW H 74 F First Potteries DVL709
W1035 Marshalls of Sutton-on-Trent PM64JAM 2015 VDL Futura 2 VDL C F Marshalls of Sutton-on-Trent 116
W1039 Pulham & Son Coaches CL19PUL 2019 Volvo B8R Plaxton C 57 F Pulham & Son Coaches  
W1043 Hanson Coaches HW69HCW 2019 Mercedes Tourismo Mercedes C 55 F Hanson Coaches
W1047 Hanson Coaches YB69VUM 2019 Yutong TC9 Yutong C 34 F Hanson Coaches
W1049 Phil Pointer YX20ODY 2020 ADL Enviro200MMC ADL B 40 F Stagecoach Oxfordshire 37630
W1051 Oxford Bus Museum 304KFC 1960 Dennis Loline II East Lancs H 60 F City of Oxford 304
W1055 Oxford Bus Co NK20EKT 2020 Wright Streetdeck Wright H 68 F Oxford 901
W1059 Nick Helliker KDD38 1950 AEC Regal III Harrington C 33 F Soudley Valley Coaches  
W1103 Shaun Bradbury ALD990B 1964 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 64 R Reading Mainline 25
W1107 Adam Conner R155NPR 1998 DAF DB250 Optare H 76 F Wilts & Dorset 3155
W1111 Cross Country Coaches CR06SCO 2006 Setra S415GT-HD Setra C 49 F Cross Country Coaches  
W1115 Messrs Ross & Winter KGU4 1949 Leyland Titan PD2 Metro-Cammell H 56 R London Transport RTL554
W1119 Adam Angell KE04UMD 2004 Transbus Dart SLF Transbus B 37 F Uno 121
W1123 Philip White HOU904 1950 Dennis Lancet III Strachan B 38 F Aldershot & District 178
W1127 Philip White 253KTA 1960 Bristol MW6G ECW C 39 F Royal Blue 2270
W1131 Carl Berry AFM103G 1969 Bristol RELH6G ECW C 47 F Crosville CRG103
W1135 Arriva Midlands South YX17NPD 2017 ADL Enviro200MMC ADL B 38 F Arriva Midlands South 3121
W1139 South Staffs Coach Hire A509HVT 1983 Leyland Tiger Plaxton C 53 F Midland Red North 1509
W1143 Anne Atherton BJU13T 1978 Bedford YMT Plaxton C 35 F Theobolds of Long Melford Tango
W1145 David Harvey JOJ489 1950 Crossley DD42/6 Crossley H 54 R Birmingham City 2489
W1147 Redline MX60GXJ 2011 ADL Enviro200 ADL B 29 F Redline
W1150 Paul Sainthouse WLT597 1960 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 64 R London Transport RM597
W1154 Paul Sainthouse 398CLT 1960 AEC Routemaster Park Royal H 64 R London Transport RM1400
W1234 Powells Bus Company YX11HPL 2011 ADL Enviro200 ADL B F Powells Bus Company  
W1302 Chesterfield 123 Preservation PRA109R 1976 Leyland Leopard PSU3 Alexander DP 49 F Whites of Calver 306
LATE ENTRY Daniel Steer AIG2563 1994 Mercedes 709D Plaxton B 25 F Star Travel
ZP1 Applegates Coaches A12EFA   Van Hool Astromega Van Hool CH   F Applegates Coaches
ZP2 Applegates Coaches WUG127S 1978 Leyland Leopard PSU4 Plaxton C 44 F Wallace Arnold