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Sunday times are possibly subject to disruption due to track maintenance programmes and this information is not always available well in advance!

Please note that Whittlesford Station is not accessible for those with mobility problems, there is only a footbridge to cross the track and the bus stop is on the west side of the line. Those arriving by train with disability problems may be advised to book a taxi.

with thanks to
Stagecoach London, TfL and Sullivan Buses
Stagecoach London New Routemaster

Motts Travel The registration for this service is kindly provided by Motts Travel. Most journeys will be operated by TfL using a New Routemaster, some journeys by Sullivan Buses using a Volvo B9TL

Please note the bus does not meet every train arriving at or departing from Whittlesford on Showbus Sunday
BUSES from Whittlesford Station to the Imperial War Museum.
Bus to SHOWBUS international departs:091009351010104211111142121112421311
Bus arrives at War Musem: 091509401015104711181149121812491318
After the last departure, arriving passengers will need to walk to the temporary bus stop by the Volvo plant - see the map below.
EXTRA BUSES to & from Whittlesford Station & McDonalds.
Courtesy of Dave Harvey, he has offered to do a few extra Station runs once the Duxford Tours on the New Routemaster start. His 1950 Birmingham Crossley will also stop at the Whittlesford McDonalds for those who cannot survive the day with a Big Mac. He will drop you there and pick up about half an hour later.
The journeys start and finish at SHOWBUS CONTROL
Departures from SHOWBUS CONTROL 1302 (McD only) 1332 1402 1432 1520 (Stn only)
Departures from WHITTLESFORD STATION 1342 1412 1442 1528
Departures from McDONALDS 1312 (drop off only) 1345 1415 1445
You can also use this service just to have a ride on the Crossley
BUSES back to Whittlesford Station.
Visitors may return to Whittlesford Station roughly every 25 minutes from 1100 until 1620 via a Duxford Tour from nearby SHOWBUS CONTROL. The buses between 1330 and 1600 will stop after going through the village at the junction with the A505 by the Volvo plant by a temporary bus stop. You will need to cross the A505 and the station is about a 10 minute walk away.
The 1620 tour first serves the station.
There are two final journeys direct to the station only at 1645 and 1720 from SHOWBUS CONTROL
There is also the Crossley run at 1520 see above for an early get away

Journeys to the Museum shown above will drop you at the Main Gate,
all return journeys depart from SHOWBUS CONTROL