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Millennium Showbus Awards


CodeOperator Awards CodePreservation AwardsCodeVehicle Awards
  Best Modern Vehicle 544 YMJ544S Lodge's   Best in Show (Doyen) 256 Albion PM28 Aberdeen DBest Modern Dennis 806 Connex Dart
 Premier Operator Award - Thorne's Independent
best multiple entry
  Doyen doubledeck 48 BOR767 Provincial Regent G1950 & before 46 ANH154 Northampton
A Best >1979 Arriva bus 991Arriva Shires B10BLE/ALX   Doyen singledeck 221 BMS206 H51-59 doubledeck 905 VLT16
FBest >1979 First Bus 264 Thamesway Merc M662VJN B Best Bristol/ECW combination 59 DNU20C MW I51-59 singledeck 33 RSJ422
SBest >1979 Stagecoach 430 G710TCD Olympian C Best AEC/Park Royal combination 908 VLT254 JSixties doubledeck 283 PAX466F
T Best 1990s bus 276 M410VWW Huddersfield Lance E Best East Lancs bodied 222 BHG755 KSixties singledeck 40 JVS541 Fife Tiger Cub
UBest 1990s coach R100BUS Wests LBest Leyland 224 JAX354 Dunn-Line/Stevensons OBest Open topper 421 JAH552D Cambus FLF
VBest Millennium Bus 1 Woottens MBest Metro Camm or Weymann or MCW 714 MLL808PSeventies doubledeck 507 HTU154N Emblings
XBest 1990s mini <34 seat 112 Preston Bus MetroRider NBest NCME or Plaxton or Duple 546 OOU856G QSeventies singledeck 291 URB471S Bowers National
1Best Local authority owned 110 Thamesdown Dart WBest Bedford 548 HKX553V JJL REighties doubledeck 452 B856AOP TWM Metrobus
2Best local operator* 325 Peelings FAH275Y Y Best Alexander bodied 519 EWS812D Edinburgh 7Eighties singledeck 324 805BYE Byeways
3Best small operator* 515 RRP858R Norfolk Green VR ZBest ex LT or LCBS tba 8Best Modern East Lancs 235 Delaine T6OCT
4Best London bus# 98 V507JBH Sovereign 6 Best other bus not included in above 50 KDT393 5Best ex Tilling 279 WNO479 ENOC KSW
9Best low floor bus 28 W426RTO Trent Solo  Most improved vehicle since Showbus 99 63 HDV641E
(vehicle must have been judged in 99)
0Best ex BET tba
   Top Rally Goer 2000 50 KDT393   

* Small operators are defined as 50 vehicles or less, not part of one of the large operating groups. Local operators are small operators in the neighbouring counties of Beds, Cambs, Essex, Herts, Huntingdon, Lincs, Norfolk, Northants & Suffolk

# London buses are defined as those operated on LT services or deployed on city tours.

Doyen Class selection (In rank order):
50, 224, 532, 714, 418, 908, 519, 927, 918, 37, 603, 52, 524, 910, 59, 546, 66, 548, 222, 409, 916, 549.

SHOWBUS Committee

  • Fax & phone 01494 558147
  • E-mail your entries to Mr Peter Brown (Entries & Rally Control) pete@showbus.com.
  • Post your entries to EFE SHOWBUS ENTRIES, 6 Fair Ridge, HIGH WYCOMBE. HP11 1PL
  • Dr Martin Isles dok@showbus.com.
  • Mr Dave Reid (Judges & Rally Control) david@showbus.com.
  • Mr Bob Passaway (Trade stands) bob@showbus.com.

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