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EFE SHOWBUS International
Prize Winners 2006

Premier Operator Award - Provence Private Hire of St Albans

EFE Showbus 2006 ~ Prize Winners Report

Person/Group Reg       Rally No. Chassis          Prizes     Class Title

  Arriva Midlands                FJ56xxx          934       DB250              A            Best post 1990 Arriva busfs21

  Stagecoach in Fife            SP56EBU         926       B7R                 S             Best post 1990 Stagecoach bus

  Provence Private Hire         KE55KVW       629       B9TL               K             Best 2006 bus or coach

  Delaine Buses Ltd             AD05OCT           352       B7TL               T             Best New Millenium bus

  David Burrows                AY06ZN         606       Astron             U             Best New Millenium Coach

 A1 Minicoach                  505KVO          562                            X             Best New Millenium mini (less than 24 seat)

  Suffolk County Council       AY56BJU        338       18.310             1             Best Local Authority owned bus

  Dons Coaches                 BIG8728          100       Olympian           2Best local operator

  Johnson Bros Tours          G759UYT        365       Olympian           3             Best small operator

  First London                    562CLT           253       Routemaster      4             Best London Bus #

  Thornes Independent Ltd     OKP980          410       integral             G            Pre 1950 & before

  David Dawes                        MMR553          415       Tiger Cub          H             Best 1951-59 vehicle

  Messrs Narduzzo & Puddephatt CUV233C        205       Routemaster      I              60-69 doubledeck

  Kenzie's Coaches             CNW155C        196       VAL14             J             60-69 singledeck

  James Munro                   NOB413M        451       VRT                      7             70-79 doubledeck

  Provence Private Hire         WSU451         628       B10M               P             70-79 singledeck

  Dave Rogers                   D5CTB            101       Olympian           8             80-89 doubledeck

  K & J Travel of York          EFD923Y         981       B10M               R             80-89 singledeck

  Beestons of Hadleigh         M129BNO        108       Olympian           9             90-99 doubledeck

  Dudleys Coaches Ltd         S577KJF         611       B10M               Q            90-99 singledeck

RM2116 Preservation Group CUV116C        257       Routemaster      5             Best Routemaster

Original London Tour T207XBV        176       DB250              O            Best Open Topper

  Lodge Coaches                F84UJN           60        Metrobus          V            Best overseas bus resident in UK

  Damien Hughes                SI2004           607       Acron T815       0             Best overseas entry

  Centrebus                      YK05CCY        349       Solo                $             Best Optare

  McEwan Travel                YN04WSU        13        B7R                 %            Best Modern Plaxton

  603 Preservation Group      VDV121S        519       VRTSL3               B             Best Bristol/ECW Combination

  Wint Taylor                     ALD962B        269       Routemaster      C             Best AEC/Park Royal Combo

Ribble Vehicle Preservation ARN811C        435       Leopard            L             Best Leyland 120 award

  Chris  Wills                     LLU613           544       Regent 3RT        M            Best Metcam/Weymann/MCW

  Tim Wootton                    LTA750          404       OB                  N             Best NCME or Plaxton or Duple

  Lodge Coaches                MJB481           65        SBG                W            Best Bedford

  Nigel Ainsworth               BMS206          403       Tiger PS1          Y            Best Alexander bodied

RM1000 Preservation Group 100BXL          249       Routemaster      Z             Best ex LT or LCBS

  Tony Peart                      KDT393          425       Regent III           6             Best bus not included in above

  First York                       B7FTR            499       B7LA               F             Best post 1990 First vehicle

  First West Yorkshire          YJ54XTR         302       B7TL               F             Best post 1990 First vehicle (runner up)

  Metrobus                       Y372HMY        159       Dart SLF           D             Best Go-Ahead Modern Vehicle


Sinsheim buses: Entry 267 Mr John F Stanley RML2306 1965 AEC Routemaster,

runner up Entry 599 Steve Graham 837SUO 1964 Bristol RELH6G

Shillibeer Award: Entry 420 Steven Wood KHC369 1963 AEC Regent V East Lancs

Doyen Doubledeck: Entry 246 Geoff Rixon VLT254 1960 AEC Routemaster

Doyen Singledeck: Entry 498 First Aberdeen (Bill Law) RG1173 1930 Albion PMA28 Walker

Best Modern Konectbus Optare Tempo

Most Improved Entry 203 Steve Bunda RML2508 1966 AEC Routemaster

Best Rally Goer Entry 425 Tony Peart KDT393 1951 AEC Regent III Roe H56R Doncaster Corporation 122