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Andy Warrender of Plaxton presents one of the many prizes at SHOWBUS 2007.

EFE Showbus 2007 ~ Prize Winners

Person/Group Reg
Rally No.
Prizes Class Title

Dave Wheatley HDV638E 718
MW6G B Best Bristol/ECW Combination

1702 Preservation Society KYY529 60
Regent 3RT C Best AEC/Park Royal Combo

Ian Macbeth KGU4 111
Titan PD2 L Best Leyland

Michael Flynn KDB696 427
Tiger Cub M Best Metcam/Weymann/MCW

Lodge Coaches MJB481 243
SBG N Best NCME or Plaxton or Duple

Len Wright 675OCV 452
SB3 W Best Bedford

Nigel Ainsworth BMS206 415
Tiger PS1 Y Best Alexander bodied

Chris Wills LLU613 68
Regent 3RT Z Best ex LT or LCBS

Steven Wood KHC369 408
Regent V 6 Best bus not included in above

First Hampshire & Dorset HX05BUJ 208
1110 F Best post 1990 First vehicle

First West Yorkshire L306PWR 207
Olympian F Best post 1990 First vehicle

City of Oxford FB07OXF 279
B12B d Best Post 1990 Go-ahead

Arriva Original London Tour LJ07XEV 397
B9TL A Best post 1990 Arriva bus

Stagecoach in Fife SP57CNC 326
B7R S Best post 1990 Stagecoach bus

Chris Stanley FJ57KHX 104
K114 K Best 2007 bus or coach

Arriva Midlands YJ57 355
SB200 T Best New Millenium bus

Truemans Travel 2003RU 500
Eurorider U Best New Millenium Coach

A1 Minicoach GN07FFB 580
X Best New Millenium mini

SCC Travel Services AY56BJO 525
18.310 1 Best Local Authority owned bus

Provence Private Hire YN07LJK 497
K114EB 2 Best local operator

A & P Travel V20APT 502
K124IB 2 Best local operator

York Pullman EFD923Y 453
B10M 3 Best small operator

Arriva Original London Tour UAR249Y 399
Super Metrobus 4 Best London Bus

2489 Group JOJ489 110
DD42/6 G Pre 1950 & before

Mr R Bensted BHG755 414
Tiger PS2 H Best 1951-59 vehicle

3796 group SOE913H 606
Fleetline I 60-69 doubledeck

George Atkin SHL917 379
Reliance J 60-69 singledeck

James Munro NOB413M 607
VRT 7 70-79 doubledeck

Paul S Winson Coaches EBC567T 523
YMT P 70-79 singledeck

Stagecoach in Swindon G102AAD 914
Olympian 8 80-89 doubledeck

Simon Stanford A811CCD 460
Tiger R 80-89 singledeck

T M Travel YJ07JWU 354
SB120 R

McEwen Travel T37BBW 949
24.350 9 90-99 doubledeck

Dudleys Coaches Ltd S577KJF 328
B10M Q 90-99 singledeck

Arriva Original London Tour LX05GDV 398
B7L O Best Open Topper

Jason Thornhill H74ANG 819
Condor V Best overseas bus resident in the UK

Johnson Bros 5188RU 0
Val e Best preserved Plaxton coach

Basildon First Group R714DJN 352
Dart SLF 5 Best Plaxton Bus

Regal Busways YJ56WVY 968
Tempo $ Best Optare

John Bedford PNM757M 374
YRQ   Top Rally Goer

Brian & Lynne Pearce STK125T 442
Atlantean   Most Improved since 2006

Woottens W100TEN 307
B10B E Best modern Plaxton coach
PPH of St Albans proudly holding their Premier Operator Awards
Here Andy Warrender hands over the award to PPH
David Whitaker with his prize for the top preserved vehicle, his Provincial AEC Regent I
Johnsons Bros' Bedford VAL carried off the prize for the best preserved Plaxton coach at the Plaxton Centenary themed event.
Andy hands over yet another prize to a lucky recipient

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