King Long SHOWBUS international
Winners 2015
Whittle Burlingham Seagull Leyland Tiger Cub

Shillibeer Award 30 Bernard Rogers Burlingham Tiger Cub
Doyen Singledeck 205 Nick Webster's H&C Lancet UF
Doyen Doubledeck 500 David Wilkinsn's LT RT542
Premier Operator Award - Cozy Travel
B Best Bristol or ECW bodied Hull Bus Restorer's East Yorkshire VR entry 426
C Best AEC or Park Royal Steven Wood's Eastbourne Regent V entry 157
L Best Leyland entry 85 David Roger's Rochdale Leopard/Harrington
M Best MetCam/Weyman/MCW entry 158 2548 Group's Birmingham Arab IV
N Best Plaxton, NCME or Duple entry 381 Peeling Coaches Volvo B10M
W Best Bedford entry 613 Lodge's Bedford SB13/Duple
Z Best ex LT or LCBS entry 515 Andrew Morgan's RM1368
Y Best bus not included in above entry 155 Mr Scarlett's Llandudno Commer
A Best post 1999 Arriva bus entry 809 Arriva the Shires (Wycombe) Wright Streetlite
F Best post 1999 First bus entry 121 First Midland ADL Tru=ident ALX400 Midland Red
S Best post 1999 Stagecoach 488 Megabus Gold Van Hool Astromega
T Best Modern bus post 2009 entry 198 Delaine B9TL/Wright AD15DBL
U Best coach post 2009 467 Sharpes of Nottingham Van Hool Alicron
2 Best local operator entry 609 Spratts Coaches Bedford SB3
3 Best small operator Delaine Buses
4 Pre 1950 & before entry 152 Farrall family's NZ Albion chara
5 Best 1951-59 vehicle entry 31 David Dawes Silver Star Tiger Cub
6 Best 1960-69 vehicle entry 511 Vintage Red RML883
7 Best 1970-79 vehicle 469 Sharpes of Nottingham AEC Reliance/Plaxton
8 Best 1980-1989 vehicle entry 372 Webbs Coaches Wahl Mercedes O303
9 Best 1990-1999 vehicle Powells Bus Co B10M/Plaxton entry 398
Q Best overseas entrant Santino Frey's Swiss FBW entry 207
J Best 2000-2009 vehicle entry 302 Mystic Isle Mercedes Tourismo
Please note not all buses at the display were entered for judging, and even those that were there do need to check in to Showbus Control for judging to be initiated - which some forget to do! This can explain why some prizes are not awarded eg this year none of the Go-Ahead vehicle's entered the judging process. The judging criteria are available on the website and it is often the case that only 1 mark divides the winner of a class