SHOWBUS international
Winners 2017
Pulham's - Premier Operator Award

Premier Operator Award - Pulham's

Shillibeer Award entry 42 Dukeries Bedford VAL Plaxton
Doyen Singledeck entry 910 Llandudno Commer PN3 Waveney
Doyen Doubledeck entry 511 West Bromwich Daimler Weyman 174
Best Modern vehicle post 2009 entry 310 UNO Alexander Dennis Enviro400City
Top Plaxton entry 1 Beestons Austin CXB

W Best post 1999 Stagecoach/Arriva/First/Go-Ahead vehicle entry 419 Arriva Southern Counties Green Line Van Hool 9003
T Best Modern bus post 2009 entry 309 The Delaine Volvo Wright 163
U Best Modern coach post 2009 entry 137 Sharpes of Nottingham Van Hool EX
4 Pre 1950 & before vehicle entry 155 Vallance's Coaches AEC Regal III Willowbrook
5 Best 1951-59 vehicle entry 589 Silver Star Tiger Cub Harrington
6 Best 1960-69 vehicle entry 136 Sharpes of Nottingham Routemaster RM291
7 Best 1970-79 vehicle entry 139 Sharpes of Nottingham Ford R192 Duple
8 Best 1980-1989 vehicle entry 211 Moseley Group Bova Europa GEX790Y
9 Best 1990-1999 vehicle entry 29 Dudleys Coaches Volvo B10M Plaxton
10 Best 2000-2009 vehicle entry 412 Mystic Isle Mercedes Tourismo
Please note not all buses at the display were entered for judging, and even those that were there do need to check in to Showbus Control for judging to be initiated - which some forget to do! The judging criteria are available on the website.
SHILLIBEER AWARD Johnson Brothers Bedford VAL14 Plaxton Val 5188RU
SHILLIBEER AWARD - Johnson Brothers Bedford VAL14 Plaxton Val 5188RU