SHOWBUS international
Winners 2021
Delaine Buses - Premier Operator Award

Premier Operator Award - Delaine Buses

Shillibeer Award entry 51 London Transport RM14

Midland Classic Irizar i3 17 C8370
Doyen Singledeck entry 254 Midland Classic Irizar i3
Doyen Doubledeck entry 4 Eastern National Bristol VRTSL3 ECW
Best Modern vehicle post 2019 Hearns Coaches Mercedes Tourismo
Diamond North West Wright Streetdeck 40841
Best Modern vehicle post 2019 bus entry 251 Diamond Bus Wright Streetdeck
Best Modern vehicle post 2019 coach entry 183 Cozy Coaches Irizar i6
Enviromania display
Best Enviro in Enviromania display entry 418 Delaine Buses Enviro200MMC 169

Pre 1950 & before No contender
Best 1951-59 vehicle entry 306 Epsom Coaches Bedford SB Duple PPH468
Best 1960-69 No contender
Best 1970-79 vehicle entry 12 Dews Bedford VAL70 Plaxton UFX360L
Best 1980-1989 No contender
Best 1990-1999 vehicle entry 81 Roundabout Dennis Dart Carlyle DT29
Best 2000-2009 vehicle entry 181 Cozy Coaches DAF SB4000 Van Hool YD02RCU
Best 2010-2019 vehicle entry 20 Marshalls of Sutton-on-Trent Mercedes Tourismo
Please note not all buses at the display were entered for judging, and even those that were there do need to check in to Showbus Control for judging to be initiated which explains why there were no contenders for some classes despite candidates being present - which some forget to do! The judging criteria are available on the website.