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The London Routemaster

London Transport Routemaster
Around 3000 vehicles comprised the RM family, four prototypes built in the mid fifties were followed from 1959 by production models through to the mid sixties. Later models were the 30 feet long RML type (2261 to 2760), preceded by 24 built in 1961, initially numbered ER880-903 and 43 Green Line coach versions - RCL2218-2260 and one forward entrance bus - RMF1254. Earlier Green Line versions were shorter RMC1453-1520, plus prototype RMC4. The only other green Routemasters were from the later RML batch and most ended up back in central London service, though some did see service for London Country in NBC livery. The only other Routemasters built were 50 RMF types for Northern General, a batch of 65 forward entrance 'RMCs' for BEA/British Airways service and the prototype forward entrance Routemaster - FRM1.

The Routemaster story will be a long running one with 40 year old plus vehicles refurbished by Marshalls for further service with new Cummins engines. Some Routemasters have escaped to preservation, seen provincial service or use abroad. Some of the preserved and provincial vehicles were at one time even recalled to the capital for further service in the city.