Yarra Glen 2014 Racecourse Truck & Bus Show
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Crown was represented not by one of its large standardised fleet of Northcoast bodied Mercedes, but by this 1987 Ansair bodied O303, 56 (4156AO) which had been new to Yarra Valley Coaches.
Photo ref A6204.
Transport to the event came courtesy of Gary Driver at Driver Bus Lines and this former Levers Eagle.
Photo ref A6210.
The Driver contingent was moved later in the day to get the sun in the right position for photos. Gary plans to refurbish Lever 402 in the future but will keep it in their colours.
Photo ref A6217.
A close up of the coach's Eagle logo.
Photo ref A6214.
This former Ansair Flxible Clipper, like so many survivors of the breed, has been converted to a motor home and has been christened Bambra.
Photo ref A6171.
Yarra Glen 2014 Truck & Bus Show
Page 6