Yarra Glen 2014 Racecourse Truck & Bus Show
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As usual we move on to a selection of the trucks on display. This is a general view of those that made it into the internal enclosure, the elevation of the racecourse grandstand allowing a strategic view of at least part of the display.
Photo ref A6164.
Trucks are not our speciality, but this old GMC rig caught the eye.
Photo ref A6180.
Of course we always like a doubledecker and this trio of Macks fits the bill.
Photo ref A6169.
This pair of Macks in bottle green was immaculate with MACK44 nearer the camera.
Photo ref A6191.
This Mack shows off the bulldog insignia of the breed.
Photo ref A6167.
Yarra Glen 2014 Truck & Bus Show
Page 8