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Metroline sold Doubledeckers
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Redroute Volvo Olympian Alexander S125RLE
Alexander bodied Volvo Olympian AV25 (S125RLE) joined Redroute Buses and is in their livery which is akin to that of London United. The bus is seen at the FA Cup Final at Wembley in May 2012.
Excetera Volvo Olympian Alexander AV30
The Atbus' Olympian was in the hands of Buses Excetera when exhibited at the rain soaked Wisely London Bus Museum event in late April 2012 and still retained fleet number AV30.
Green Bus Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 106
Former Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 TA66 (T61KLD) has joined the Green Bus school transport fleet in the West Midlands. The company has close links with Reading Buses and a number of Reading and Green Bus vehicles were at work on Olympic Shuttles to and from Dorney Lake in summer 2012. Trident TA66 has just worked a shuttle across to Maidenhead Station. The Lake was also linked to Slough and Windsor stations and Park and Ride sites in Maidenhead and Slough with around a hundred doubledeckers deployed, mostly from First Games Transport.
Green Bus Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 106
The Green Bus Trident is seen earlier loading at Dorney Lake with a number of Reading Buses behind. The shuttles maintained a basic twenty minute frequency throughout the event, but to shift the crowds at the beginning and end of the day involved each bus in around half a dozen round trips in quick succession.
Green Bus Dennis Trident Plaxton President 108
Seen nearer home is Plaxton President bodied Trident 108 (T126KLD) passing Selfridges iconic Bull Ring store in July 2014. This was former TP26.
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Metroline sold doubledeckers
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