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Metroline sold Doubledeckers
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Abbey Travel Dennis Trident Plaxton President LR02BFJ
Abbey Travel of Erith uses doubledeckers for school contracts and private hire alongside its coach fleet. Seen in July 2019 near Camberwick Green is former Plaxton President bodied Dennis Trident TP298 (LR02BFJ).
Picture ref C4411
Bakerbus Dennis Trident Plaxton President 266
Further from home is similar former TP375 (LR52KWT) seen in Hanley Bus Station in August 2014 working for Bakerbus as their 266.
Picture ref A4136
Kennections Dennis Trident Plaxton President 523
Not straying quite so far was TP360 (LR52KWB) seen in Newbury Bus Station in October 2016. This was one of a trio of Tridents on short term hire from Dawsonrentals to Reading Buses. previously the bus, 523, had been with Portsmouth University. The bus had been badged here for the newly established Kennections brand, but was not around long enough to receive the new red and green livery.
Picture ref B4509
Go Whippet Volvo B7TL Plaxton President WD411
Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL VP173 (Y173NLK) is seen in Cambridge in August 2014 in service with Whippet a their WD411. The fleet boasted a number of former London doubledeckers, including at least one more like VP173, VP174, both moved on to Avon Buses on Merseyside.
Picture ref A4106
Rosso Volvo B7TL Plaxton President 109
Seeing further service with Rossendale Transport (Rosso), now part of Transdev, was another Volvo B7TL, former VPL215 (LK51XGJ). Now Rosso 109 the decker is seen n Rochdale Bus Station in August 2014.
Picture ref A4220
Metroline sold doubledeckers
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