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Buslink Darwin
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Buslink Mercedes OH1316 PMCSA
On the right is believed to be Buslink 110, a Mercedes OH1316 with PMCSA bodywork, seen in Darwin Bus Station in 1994. Buslink 110 (MO223) was inherited from MATILDA, a Darwin operator. Back in 1994 Buslink had only a small role in Darwin city services. The main operator was the Northern Territories Department of Transport & Works using a tan livery, linked to the Territory colours, and trading as Darwinbus. On the left is one of Darwinbus' Leyland B21s with PMC body. The chassis was based on the Leyland National.
Buslink Mercedes OH1316 PMCSA 117
Seen a few years later in 1999 is sister vehicle, 117 (MO640). The bus retains Buslink colours and the fleetname can be seen on the skirt behind the centre exit, however the bus has gained Darwinbus fleetnames reflecting the integration of the operations with the main city fleet.
Buslink Mercedes OH1418 Volgren 137
Dating from 1993 this is 137 (MO2682), a Mercedes OH1418 with Volgren body, seen in Darwin Bus Station in August 1994.
Buslink Mercedes OH1418 Volgren 136
Sister vehicle, 136 (MO1193), is seen in the same location the same year.
Buslink Mercedes O405NH Volgren CR221L 156
In 1999 156 (MO1700) was a two year old Mercedes Benz O405NH with Volgren CR221L 37 seat low floor bodywork with the same branding.
Buslink Darwin
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